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Hey! :) I'm new on simblr and I was wondering, maybe you could check out my simblr page? :3 Thanks :3

wonderful blog love your pictures! check them out guys! Welcome to the community! 



[FC] CxM Cooking PosePack

Hello! Here a very small pack from me. I made this as a dedication to a friend here, lyrea ;D All of ideas and inspiration for this pack came from her. Thank you Michelle! <3 *sorry about the name though, if you notices, I borrowed one of yours* >:D hohoh

List compatible and non-list is included. I think it might look better if I put “kitchen” instead of “cooking”. Er, well, no matter. ;D This pack using a few props…like the bowl, the knife and such. For the bowl, use omsp to place it, about 1.15m in height. Then you need to rotate it just a little so that it looks like she’s holding the spoon in that bowl. For the second one, omsp as well, need to adjust it a little to put the cutting board into the position, same goes with the pan. For pan, no need for any specific degrees rotation <— sorry, don’t know how to explain T__T

Bowl [x] | Knife [x] | Cutting board [x] |  Pan [x]

Note: Using any height sliders on the sims will have a little different result from the original poses.

TOU: Here

Hope you guys like it. (ノ◕ヮ◕)*:・゚✧ Let me know if you have any problem using it. Credits to all creators for the CC. Thank you for the love and support. Enjoy! <3


*tag me “fyachii” if you want so that I can go and stalk your posts >:D ehehe


Let’s talk about how cute these would be with a certain couple. Name the couple :3

Meanwhile the bachelorette household takes the time to unwind after another elimination.

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is that the nerd interaction :v? Like "Wait a minute i'm boop you forehead and download your fellings."

yes! booping foreheads, beep boop beep!

Jerad and Fatima had a great lunch date full of flirting and weird touching o.o

Jerad decided to make a home meal for his lunch date with Fatima.

What did you learn from this experience and how do you feel?

I feel angry but not at Fatima of course. I know that I could have done better and I’m disappointed in myself. I learned a lot of things. I’m going to miss everyone here and I hope all of them the best of luck on their journeys.

How do you feel?

I’m speechless I thought I had a great relationship with Fatima but that was not the case. Which goes to show that even if you feel confident anything can happen. All I want to say is that I had a great time and I wish that Fatima will find her other half.

Evan and Lawrence, I’m sorry but both of you have the lowest relationship scores out of the four. I’m going to miss you both and I’m sorry that you had to leave so quickly. I hope you the best of luck and hopefully we will keep in touch.

(@simming-ly and skramthesimsxoxo thank you for submitting your sims to my challenge. I will surely miss both of them!)

Welcome everyone to another elimination. Evan, Que, Lawrence and Nicolas your paintings fell under the 13$ value. The two contestants that will be going home are..